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Clubs Queensland provides connections and resources for community clubs across Queensland including the areas of education, government representation, training, and what’s new in hospitality and gaming.

Additionally we generate benefits and outcomes for members and sponsors via events, diversification, workplace relations (all areas), collaborations, and so very much more.

Latest News

Covid-19 - Predicting the future


If there is one thing that our industry has learnt already in 2021, it is that things can change in the blink of an eye, or with a morning press conference by the Premier.

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From the OLGR


In Queensland we’re fairly resilient to the impact of situational crisis like natural disasters however, COVID-19 is no ordinary disruption and remains highly unpredictable.

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If ever there was a sign that the craft beer revolution has landed, wandering into a community club in Chermside, north of Brisbane City, to find it has its very own brewhouse would have to be pretty high on the list of indicators.

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From the Attorney-General


As we start 2021, we bring with us greater resilience and a heightened awareness of the importance of protecting the Queensland community.

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