notice of election 

The Queensland Industrial Registrar has issued a Decision pursuant to the Industrial Relations Act 2016 that the Electoral Commission of Queensland conduct an election for The Registered and Licensed Clubs Association of Queensland, Union of Employers. Nominations are called for the positions of office shown below.

Office and No. of Positions
Zone Representatives Northern Region
Whitsunday Zone   1
Northern Zone 1
Far Northern Zone  1
Western Zone  1

Zone Representatives Central & Western Region
Darling Downs & SW Qld Zone  1
Wide Bay Zone  1
Capricorn Zone  1

Zone Representatives South-east Region

Gold Coast Zone  1
Brisbane South East Zone  1
Brisbane West Zone  1
Brisbane North Zone  1
Sunshine Coast Zone 1

Nominations open at midday on Friday, 5 May 2017. All nominations must reach the Electoral Commission of Queensland no later than midday Friday, 26 May 2017. A nomination form is included with this notice. Additional forms can be obtained from the Union or the Commission.
Candidates for election must be financial members of member clubs that are financial members of The Registered and Licensed Clubs Association of Queensland, Union of Employers. To be eligible for the position of Zone Representative, nominees must be a member of a member club which operates in the Zone for which the candidate is nomination. Nominees and their nominating member club should verify their financial status and other qualifications required by the Association’s rules before lodging a nomination form with the Electoral Commission of Queensland.
Nominations must be signed by both the nominee and an authorised officer of the nominating member club. Nominations may be lodged by hand delivery, post, fax or email. Nominees shoulud ensure that their nomination is received by the Commssion and can be clearly read.

Candidate Statement

Prospective candidates may lodge a statement expressing their views to the Association’s members. Statements must be reach the Commission by the close of nominations. These statements will be copied and distributed on an A4 sheet of plain white paper with the voting materials.


If necessary, the Commission will conduct a secret postal ballot of eligible member clubs. Only member clubs that are financial 30 days before nominations open are eligible to vote in the election. The successful candidate/s will be elected by the direct multiple voting system set out in the Association’s rules. Each member club is responsible for ensuring that the Association has their correct details recorded. A roll of voters is prepared from those records when nominations close. The ballot will open on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 and close at midday on Tuesday, 27 June 2017.

Returning Officer
28 April 2017