workplace relations services

All Member Clubs, in their bid to be successful, need to create an environment that fosters and supports the maintenance of high levels of job satisfaction and work performance, from their managers and employees.

To accomplish that key objective, all Member Clubs must –
  • Adopt best practice human resource management practices; and
  • Effectively manage employee issues as and when they occur.
The Clubs Queensland Workplace Relations Team is on hand to assist all Member Clubs to achieve these goals and does this in a friendly, informative, and cost effective manner. For members of the Workplace Relations Fund (WR Fund), the assistance is particularly beneficial.

Services Available to all Member Clubs

All members have access to telephone advice on: 
  • The classification and rates of pay for their employees
  • Application of the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010 (RLCA) and applicable employment legislation
  • Management of diminished work performance, misconduct and dismissal situations; and
  • Restructures and the management of redundancy and redeployment issues.
All members receive workplace relations Special Alerts and the WR Corner newsletter capturing current workplace relations issues and developments. 

All members have access to an extensive knowledge base on the Clubs Queensland website, including –
  • Information on all aspects of human resource management
  • Template letters of appointment
  • A current copy of the Award and rates of pay for all employees
  • Applicable employment legislation
  • A HR self-audit checklist
  • A volunteer induction pack
  • A quick reference guide for critical WR situations; and
  • A free positions vacant board. 
Assistance is also provided in relation to the development of more tailored letters of appointment/ contracts, associated position descriptions, recruitment and induction materials and specific HR policies.

All members can purchase a template staff manual at reasonable cost, with the additional benefit of it being updated for free, after a period of two years.

All members can access WR awareness training and detailed HR/IR audits, on a fee-for-service basis.

The Workplace Relations Team also supports and advances the interests of all members through its contribution to various state and national reviews of legislation and Awards. 

Services Available to all Members of the WR Fund

In addition to all those services previously listed, members who subscribe to the Workplace Relations Fund (WR Fund) also receive –
  • Representation on applications before tribunals seeking remedies for unfair dismissal, workplace bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and the like, generally without further charge*; and
  • A range of extended professional services, over and above those available to non-WR Fund members.
WR Fund membership is paid along with normal annual subscriptions, making the process easy and transparent for Member Clubs, and is based on a sliding scale proportionate to general fee levels.

It is important in considering whether to join the Workplace Relations Fund, to note that there has been a significant increase in applications involving registered and licensed clubs in Queensland in recent years, with the broadening and establishment of new jurisdictions in the Fair Work Commission. The incidence of these applications is unpredictable and a club could have no applications or a number of applications in any one-year.

* Representation services included for WR Fund Members

Representation for your club covers industrial disputes and proceedings in relation to applications seeking remedies for unfair dismissal, adverse action, workplace bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination and applications regarding restructure issues (e.g. redundancy, etc.).
Representation in conciliation and arbitration proceedings on the above, will normally be available at no extra cost, provided –
  • The member club has sought and generally adhered to advice from Clubs Queensland in handling the matter in the workplace; and
  • Responses to applications are supported and initiated by Clubs Queensland on behalf of the club; and
  • Proceedings are not in jurisdictions where legal representation is required or desirable (e.g. arbitration of claims in the Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland, appeal cases).

Exclusive Services for WR Fund Members

WR Fund Members also have access to –
  • Free 10 Point HR/IR Health Checks and visits of up to a day on industrial relations, human resource management and related issues (subject to agreement on travel costs outside of SEQ)
  • Detailed advices via email on HR/IR questions potentially requiring hours of research and/or analysis e.g. responses to arrears of wages demands or correspondence from the Fair Work Ombudsman
  • More detailed advice in relation to internal complaints of misconduct, adverse action, harassment and bullying
  • Investigations of serious misconduct situations
  • ​Workplace mediation services; or
  • Attendance at staff terminations or redundancies.
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