Club Recycling

The Queensland State Government passed legislation that fosters recycling through the use of a container refund scheme for our recyclable bottles.

The refund is 10c per item, noting that the cost of goods in these recyclable items under this scheme will also increase by 10c.

A similar scheme has been operating successfully in South Australia for many years.

This is a new piece of legislation that is yet to be operationally implemented by the club industry in Queensland and represents an opportunity for them to derive some additional revenue instead of cost - currently most clubs incur costs around the removal of beverage containers. 

About the container refund scheme in Queensland

Queenslanders use close to 3 billion beverage containers every year.

These containers are the second most littered item in the state, despite the fact they can be easily recycled. Beverage container litter is largely associated with drink consumption in open air settings such as parks, beaches, shopping centres and car parks.

The introduction of a state-wide container refund scheme will give the general public (inc members/guests) an incentive to collect and return containers purchased for recycling, in exchange for a 10 cent refund payment. Alternately they will also be able to donate the container/refund to various charities. 

This will help to:
  • reduce the amount of drink containers that are littered and,
  • increase Queensland’s recycling rate.
The scheme will also provide benefits to social enterprises, communities, and regional and remote areas by creating new job, recycling and fundraising opportunities. In terms of ‘on premise’ purchase and consumption, it will be the community club that is able to take advantage of the scheme.  Queensland’s container refund scheme commenced on 1 November 2018.

‘On-premise’ - Opportunity:
  • Provide Queensland community clubs with a positive revenue solution that is simple to implement in conjunction with the new recycling scheme.
  • Develop a complete social enterprise model approach to the project and engage in a partnership with another not-for-profit organisation to deliver the service.
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability through supporting the recycling scheme.

Community Club Partnership

Scouts Recycling have been in the recycling business for over 30 years, and they have nearly 3000 licensed premises that they currently service.

Scouts Recycling have confirmed their intent to open two (2) ‘recycling centres’ here in Brisbane – 1 x Northside of Brisbane and 1 x Southside of Brisbane.  It is proposed that by early November they will be operational, with a view to accepting product geographically from Nambour in the North to Coolangatta in the South, and eventually West to Toowoomba.
Clubs Queensland and Scouts Recycling have partnered to provide members with recycling bins and start collecting club ‘on premise’ container refund product to recycle.    
This offering is for ‘on-premise’ club product, and it is not applicable to external (public) containers for refund.
‘Scout Recycling’ (SR) will…
  • Provide collection bins at no cost to our member clubs (3 bin sizes: Wheelie bins, 1200 x 1200 x 950, or 2000 x 1200 x 1000)
  • Bin pick up’s as required – daily, weekly, fortnightly
  • They will supply venues with extra bins for events (no charge) – e.g. on field events, etc
  • They will take all beverage containers
  • They will pay Clubs Queensland 10 cents per refundable container – i.e. from clubs that engage ‘Scout Recycling’ to provide the service.  CQ will then pay (rebate) each club 7 cents per refundable container (must be whole container not smashed or broken) processed, per data supplied by SR back to CQ
  • Scout Recycling can also supply additional bins for large events as required, at no cost

For clubs outside the south-east corner

At this stage, the broader ‘containers for change’ program for clubs outside of the south-east corner is still developing and we recognise that some regions, particularly those further north and west may have difficulty in accessing a recycling program. We recommend that you check this website to see what is available in your area.


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Eligible beverage containers
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