Good governance and management underpin the successful operation of any association. 

As not-for-profit, member-driven and community-orientated associations, community clubs must ensure that they proactively comply with relevant laws and standards, as well as strongly adhere to their community obligations, being the objects of their existence.

Hence, if governance is the “what and why”, then management is the “ how and when” of club operation. They require two parties: 

  • the board which sets policy directions as to where it wants to see the club go in a defined timeframe and 
  • the management (club manager and senior employees) that implements policy directions (i.e. how the club gets to where the board wants it to go).

The Policy Research and Compliance Section equips the board and management with necessary tools - codes, manuals, guidelines, toolkits, factsheets, training and tailored advice - to ensure they are best placed to meet the operational needs of their clubs. These resources are comprehensive and can be readily implemented at the venue level.