2020 has certainly not been “business as usual”, however through the hardships and challenges, we’ve been witness to so many stories of business success, continuity and examples of clubs supporting their staff and of course, communities. 

Now more than ever it’s time to shine a spotlight on all the good work in our sector, come together and celebrate these successes as well as the enormous contribution that we make day in, day out in our communities, and what better way to do so than at the 2021 Keno & Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence.

Given all the changes, restrictions and business disruptions, some amendments for this year’s judging criteria has been introduced to ensure the program continues to be relevant, accessible and equitable. The changes are outlined below.


Financial Judging & Community Benefit Criteria

Due to the forced closure period and subsequent trading restrictions brought about in response to COVID-19, financial reports and community benefit statements will not form part of the 2021 Awards Program judging criteria.

In replacement of these items, a question has been introduced to the General Questionnaire giving you the opportunity to demonstrate how you responded and adapted throughout the COVID-19 period in regards to innovation and improvement, connection and support for staff and the community and business learnings. Scores from this question will also carry over into the Core Purpose categories in keeping with how the Financial Overview and Community Service & Charity scores have traditionally been treated.


In 2021, the four Best Dining categories will be broken down according to an outlet's seating capacity (pre-COVID restrictions) only, and not annual revenue as per 2020.
This change has been introduced to ensure an equal playing field for all clubs regardless of their operational revenue during the period, and pre-COVID capacities adopted to ensure clarity given the ongoing changing restrictions in relation to density and inside vs outside etc.

All categories which were awarded in 2020 return in 2021. With this, we’re delighted to bring back the Community Awards, after such strong support in 2020. These four categories are an opportunity to share the stories, celebrate them and recognise the outstanding contributions you make in your local communities. As the industry evolves and responds to the pandemic, we have heard of countless examples of clubs supporting their communities, and we look forward to recognising these contributions in 2021. 

This year provides an opportunity for those of you who may have felt that there was never a chance for your club to win. What have you got to lose?