We are very excited to announce to all of our member Clubs that the Clubs Queensland Board has approved a new direction for the Clubs Queensland annual Awards for Excellence event, beginning next year in 2020.
Our annual industry event is a celebration of the life changing work and contribution that our community clubs - that is all of you - gift and give every day to the communities that your individual club supports, and the greater Queensland community as a result.
It is one way of saying THANK YOU to all of you!
The new direction is about introducing a stronger highlight on social inclusion across the process of submissions and judging. It is ‘all about you!’ As industries, community expectations, and social and cultural norms continue to shift and change, so too will the Awards for Excellence in relation to submissions, particularly around the award categories and judging criteria.
We are really excited that the new direction provides the opportunity for Club Management who may have felt that there was never a chance for their club to win, to reconsider as the changes that are being introduced in the 2020 Awards for Excellence totally shift the goal posts, and provide that winning opportunity for so many more clubs on so many more levels. We are thrilled that you have the opportunity to pursue entering a submission in the 2020 Keno & Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence and benefiting from the new direction.
We're looking forward to sharing more with you via various channels over the next few weeks including Club News, Club Insight, and dedicated communications specific to the submissions process. The information to be shared will provide you with all that you need to commence your collaborative, creative, and fun fuelled activities to ‘get this baby started’ - the baby being your submission for an opportunity to win an Award in the 2020 Keno & Clubs Queensland Awards for Excellence.
In the meantime, mark Tuesday 17 March 2020 in your diary for our industry’s night of nights!
A quote that I read recently stated that “… it’s our responsibility to show our communities the value of all people, to celebrate different, and to take a stand for acceptance and inclusion”. That is a big part of our industry and the work of our Community Clubs in Queensland. And that is a big part of the new direction of our Awards for Excellence.
“It’s all about you!” WOOHOO!