Financial Respect

As part of the My Community Club says YES to RESPECT Campaign, Queensland Clubs is introducing two posters and eight social media tiles to shine focus on the issue of financial abuse. 

What is Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse occurs when another person (perhaps your partner, one of your children, or another family member or friend), manipulates your decisions, or controls your access to money or other property without your consent. It can happen to anyone whether young or old, poor or rich. 

Eight signs of Financial Abuse
  • You are being made to feel like you are incompetent with money.
  • Someone else controls your money including access your bank accounts.
  • Another person refuses to assist to cover living expenses.
  • You are denied access to services which prevents you from working or studying.
  • Someone is taking out loans or running up debts in your name. 
  • You are being or pressured to sign up for a loan.
  • You have to get permission from another person to spend your own money.
  • Someone is threatening to sell (or actually selling) your property without your permission.
If you or someone you know is experiencing financial abuse call 1800RESPECT on p: 1800 737 782 for 24 hour assistance.