Ask for Angela

This Queensland clubs ‘safety in venues’ initiative is part of the Clubs Queensland, My Club says YES to RESPECT campaign.       

What is “Ask for Angela”?

Ask for Angela is a patron safety campaign that initially began in pubs and clubs in Lincolnshire, England, and has since spread around the globe. Clubs Queensland is encouraging all member clubs to enact this safety campaign as part of the new recommendations for bystanders to act when necessary.

The campaign is for women who feel vulnerable, unsafe or uncomfortable and concerned with their safety due to the company they are with when out or in a club. Due to online dating, many people are meeting for the first time in clubs and pubs and this has become a problem when people turn out to be different from their online representation. There can be a genuine need to seek safety.

How it works

Patrons are encouraged to approach club / bar staff and “Ask for Angela” if they need assistance to get themselves out of an unsafe situation. That staff member then assists the person to leave the venue without being seen by the person causing the distress. This may require exiting through a staff door and calling a lift ride service.

What to do
Train ALL staff on the initiative, ensuring all casuals and bar and wait staff know what is expected of them when someone “Asks for Angela”. 

Download and print the flyers (Ask for Angela Generic Poster A4) for placing in the ladies’ bathrooms explaining how patrons can “Ask for Angela”.

Download and print
(Ask for Angela Tips for Venue Staff) and place in staff areas kitchens and behind bars. A bar coaster design is also available to print for clubs wishing to use one.