calendar comp

We are commencing production of the 2017/18 Clubs Queensland Calendar - and this year we are inviting clubs (you) to contribute and be a part of this stunning publication. HOW?

We are running a photographic competition - seeking iconic photographs of the activities of clubs across Queensland. [See the guide to get an idea of the types of photos we are after, we are not after pure club promotion shots - rather we are after images that reflect the fact our community clubs are integral and iconic parts of the local community]
ACTION:  Each club is entitled to submit one photographic image entry. Closing date for submissions is May 31st, 2017.
As each winning image will be printed at a size of 500mm X 350mm [landscape] there are some requirements when it comes to the specifications of the image submitted:

Must be uploaded in .jpeg/.jpg format.
Image size no smaller then 3937 x 2756 pixels
Should be saved in 'high quality' with a file size of no less then 4MB
A resolution of 300 ppi optimal and no less than 200 ppi
Pictures must not show the name of the photographer, agency, or publication, or any other information.

Clubs are encouraged to submit their entry by:

1. using the dropbox link in the photo entry form to place your submission; and
2. complete the photo entry form and hit “submit”.

When making your submission clubs are responsible for ensuring they have the permission of the photographer to utilise the photo, and the permission of any persons in the image.
entry form
(Adobe PDF File)
photo guide
(Adobe PDF File)