From the CEO

G'day Clubland,

We have some great things in store for our members throughout 2018, and there are a couple of events I’d like to highlight for your consideration and for you to pop in your diary now.

Given the success of this course throughout 2017, we have again engaged Stephen Marsden to facilitate several one day Financial Literacy Training courses across the State this year. Stephen is a lecturer in accountancy at the Queensland University of Technology and he also covers this subject for the Australian Institute of Company Directors via the Company Directors course they offer.

Accounting for many of us can be a dry subject, however, fortunately Stephen has this incredible talent to make it very interesting and therefore I can’t recommend this one day course more highly. The course is free for member clubs, and the first event is scheduled for the Wide Bay Zone on Saturday, 17 February 2018. Other dates are available now via our website ( in the ‘What’s On’ tab under ‘Bookings – Events & Training’. 

I kindly remind you that Club Directors have a responsibility to be able to interpret club finances and not just accept what is presented to them, so this course is a must do, particularly given your governance obligations. As the tagline says, Just do it – you won’t be disappointed!

The Right Direction Conference will take place again 17-20 July 2018 at Palm Cove just north of Cairns. This conference continues to grow year on year with rave reviews received from last year’s event delegates. It is affordable, informative and challenging. Do yourself a favour and join us for this year’s event, as 200 of your industry colleagues will be there to enjoy not only the content and camaraderie, but also the location. Just between you and me, there may also be a Guinness World Record attempt on the agenda. Now do I have your attention?!

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of the culture of an organisation and the difference it means to both the staff and your members/visitors experience. Broadly speaking, this concept applies to all businesses and what a difference it makes, when without hesitation a ‘whatever it takes’ service is offered. We’ve all read or heard about outstanding service and it often sounds too good to be true. That said, I got to experience just that firsthand over the Christmas break.

The short version of this story is one of my teeth cracked and broke away on the Saturday afternoon before New Year’s Eve. I rang my dentist’s office and of course they were away on Christmas holidays and not back for another seven days and no after-hours or emergency solution offered. I then rang my wife’s dentist who was also on holidays, however, the message provided me with their mobile to be used in the event of an emergency. Without fuss, a 9.30am appointment on New Year’s Eve was made and my tooth fixed. Happy days! Guess which dentist (Samford Smiles) I’m using in future for all my oral health care!

This experience confirms yet again how loyalty, and in this case a new client, is won, simply by doing what you do best by providing a quality service and a quality product. My challenge to you is to ask your team to share when they go above and beyond, so that you can all be proud of the results. This small request will add to your culture.

Anyway, we’ve pulled on the 2018 jersey and the Clubs Queensland team chant ‘bring it on’ is top of mind. It feels like 2018 will be a good year, so why don’t we all make the most of it!

Ciao and warm regards

Doug Flockhart
chief executive officer