From the President

Hello everyone,

First up I congratulate the new Clubs Queensland zone representatives on their appointment as recently confirmed by the Queensland Electoral Commission.  All the zone representatives have now been declared bar two – i.e. the Brisbane West Zone and the Darling Downs/South Western Zone which we will publish once a result is known. 

Both the Board and I congratulate and look forward to working with the following …

Whitsunday - Lee Skerman, Magpies Sporting Club Ltd  
Northern - Gavin Lyons, Brothers Leagues Club Townsville  
Far Northern - Michael Libke, Cairns RSL Club Ltd  
Western - Karen Graham, Carpentaria Buffalo Club   
Wide Bay - Brendan Royall, The Waves   
Capricorn - Mark Bovis, Frenchville Sports Club   
Gold Coast - Brett James, Southport Yacht Club   
Brisbane South-East - Craig Thomas, Wynnum Manly Leagues Club  
Brisbane North - Craig Allan, Aspley Australian Football & Sporting Club 
Sunshine Coast - Malcolm Wright, Coolum Beach SLS Supporters Club 

The first task for this new group will be to contribute to a strategic plan review in association with the Clubs Queensland Board, at the upcoming Right Direction Conference in July.  For the record, I’m looking forward to this contribution and in turn the frank ‘regional perspectives’ that will be forthcoming as part of the process.

The Right Direction Conference in Cairns continues to grow in both numbers and reputation.  Given the content and delegate cost, participation at this 2+ day event is the best value ‘community club focused’ educational offer in Australia.  The Clubs Queensland Board has always been invested in the provision of learning outcomes across all Queensland for our members (+associates), with this event an exemplar initiative that continues to deliver whilst in turn setting new benchmarks.  

Also, the Corporate Governance and the Financial Literacy courses that Clubs Queensland has already rolled out across the state this year, have been extremely well received.  There are more to come and I recommend you look to participate, if it has not yet been on your radar.

In relation to education and diversification – I put to you that the provision of education could be worth considering as a potential low risk diversification strategy, given the business and community penetration most community clubs have.  Specialist keynote speakers, futurists, tutoring services, public speaking, coding for kids, etc – all example the opportunity which is only limited by your imagination.  If you’d like some assistance in staging, inspiration, logistics or even partnering an education offer, please contact Colleen Ocafran at Clubs Queensland. 

Finally, Wayne Moffatt continues to kick goals by way of providing valuable ‘operational support’ for our member clubs across the state.  As stated on many occasions, the Board and I are aware trading conditions are very tough in many locations throughout the state, particularly in regional and rural Queensland.  If you need some ‘clean eyes’ assistance or even just a peer to peer conversation, please don’t hesitate to contact Wayne via the Clubs Queensland office.

All the best until next time!

Don Seccombe AM