From the President

Hello everyone,

As 2017 races by and we find ourselves in a new financial year, I’m guilty of pondering the challenges that come with this fast-paced lifestyle that we are all exposed to, specifically the challenges around the 24/7 expectation of availability. With the overwhelming endorsement and integration into our lives of digital connectivity via various platforms including Wi-Fi, many of us are more connected to our mobile phones, iPads, and other screens than we are to our family and friends.

This fast pace is blamed at times for forcing quick decisions rather than allowing the time to genuinely consider the issue or question in some detail.  Some might say technology is forcing us to merge into the RH lane of life, like it or not. On the other hand, digital connectivity provides unprecedented opportunity when it comes to sharing information and there is no doubt this has improved commercial efficiencies beyond our wildest expectations.  Of course, the speed, and the apps available to us, will keep improving as will the expectation for you to use them by those with whom you interact.  Continual improvement and early adoption will be the expectation, or should I say norm, when it comes to connectivity, information, data, and life.

That acknowledged, I and many of those I mix with (including my fellow Clubland directors across the state) still enjoy reading a paper, whilst consuming a cuppa, in a familiar and preferably comfortable environment and most importantly at our own pace. I am not denouncing technology in any way, just simply sharing a fact.

Given the above, I am pleased to reiterate that the Clubs Queensland Board has endorsed a push to maximise community club director education across Clubland, specifically in the areas of corporate governance, financial literacy, et al.  This push includes the trialing of a new director specific publication that Clubs Queensland will shortly distribute across the state, titled Club Director Journal.  

The initial tabloid edition, which is designed to be informative and easy to read, will provide community club directors with relevant information and learning to assist with the execution of their roles.  That’s it! Simple! It will be topical, on point, and relevant, with a minimum of two editions published annually.

As Club Director Journal is dedicated to Clubland Directors, we are asking for your feedback in terms of what you like and don’t like about the publication in its initial edition and what you would like to see covered in future editions.  

No matter what our thoughts are of the publication, it is you, the directors who read it, who will have all kinds of ideas on how it can be improved, and how it can be more relevant, useful, and valuable.  It is fundamental with leadership to have humility and to seek feedback to improve, and as Clubs Queensland’s existence is founded on helping our members to prosper and grow as they remain current and relevant, this is vital in our functioning and communicating.  Our desire is that this FREE for member clubs publication, Club Director Journal, does just that!  We are looking forward to your feedback, ideas, constructive criticism, and even thanks where it’s warranted for any elements you may find beneficial for you!

On a final note, we are now getting closer to the calling of a Queensland state election and I strongly encourage all clubs across the state to engage with your incumbent MP and all candidates who are challenging for your local MP position.  The conversation with all parties at these times is one of reinforcing who you are, what you do, the quantum of your community contributions and, most importantly, what your future vision is.

All the best until next time!

Don Seccombe AM